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About Keyoxide

Online identity

Establish an identity by verifiably linking your online accounts.


No central server or database. Control how your data is stored and accessed.


No data is collected. Your data is yours and yours only.


Your online identity verifiably signed with widely-used OpenPGP.

Open Source

All Keyoxide projects are licensed under AGPL-3.0-or-later.

Transparent funding

Funded by donations. Keyoxide stands against VC and surveillance capitalism.


Discussion of the Keyoxide project happens primarily on the Keyoxide Community Forum. This is the place to propose new service providers for identity verification, make feature suggestions or report bugs.

There is also the IRC room, the #keyoxide Matrix channel and the keyoxide-devel mailing list. The IRC room and Matrix channel are bridged together.

The project is also present on the fediverse as

Announcements and project updates are published on the Keyoxide blog.

Fund the project

The development of Keyoxide and the Decentralized OpenPGP Identity Proofs ecosystem is entirely funded by donations.

The Keyoxide project was awarded a NGI Zero grant from the NLnet Foundation.

We rely on your support to keep working on Big Tech-independent secure online identity.

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